Practicing skills


  1. Provides an opportunity to learn, put theory into action
  2. Allows an opportunity for evaluation, feedback and teaching in a clear, direct, open and honest manner
  3. Gives an opportunity for displaying the skills in a "live" experience
  4. Feedback aids in the process of understanding aspects of the skill that need refinement and more practice 
  5. The "in the moment" identification of areas of weakness, areas of strength, and where to focus effort
  6. Challenges the involvement and activation of the recipient
  7. Provides a supportive setting in which perceived failure is simply deemed an opportunity to learn
  8. Provides the opportunity to develop their own beliefs and not adopt belief from another source
  9. Opportunity to learn cause and effect in a structured and encouraging setting
  10. Helps reduce the significance of one act, and provides more freedom about the concept of choice