Teach directly


  1. Allows for a customized and focused effort on specific targeted topics
  2. Provides a clear distinction between productive and unproductive
  3. Overt message challenging recipients to accept ownership and responsibility
  4. Emphasizes value of learning a skill and allows for development of confidence, competence to use it
  5. Allows for delineation of the step by step process of developing, practicing, refining and mastering a skill
  6. Provides an opportunity to delve into the core factors contributing to problematic behaviors
  7. Helps gain a deeper understanding of the underlying factors influencing unproductive and productive behavior
  8. Provides an opportunity for direct feedback and the development of productive solutions
  9. Provides a forum to adjust inaccurate and unproductive beliefs, and to overcome fears
  10. Educates on how to be more independent through learning the skill of fulfilling needs on their own