These youth are experiencing extreme adversity; their parents and families, and the school staff providing them with an education, all need support. They need the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to successfully problem solve and make well-informed decisions.  They need people in their lives who are capable and willing to receive their messages of aggression and discomfort without reacting with hostility or indifference, but instead respond with grace, empathy, mercy, humility and education.

They need people with experience to guide them to understand all the various and often confusing factors influencing their patterns of thought, emotion, desire and behavior.  And they need people who genuinely care and are willing to listen and absorb the information from their lives, and in return teach them to think, feel act and desire in more productive ways.

Organizations In Training (OIT), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing coaching and mentoring to youth, parents and families experiencing extreme adversity, and training to the schools and organizational personnel that serve these populations.

OIT is comprised of a team of highly educated, trained, skilled, and experienced mentors who are adept at connecting with youth from diverse backgrounds and confident and comfortable in nearly any situation.  Whether aiding youth or developing organizations, OIT provides training for individuals to become more effective in responsibly managing their thoughts, emotions and behaviors, simultaneously equipping them to be calm-assertive regardless of life’s challenges. 

We utilize the Effective Mindset Training System (EMTS™), a straightforward yet comprehensive system of understanding human behavior that guides individuals of any age and skill level to analyze and process their experiences in order to learn from the past, become more effective in the present and plan for the future.  In addition to granting a greater understanding of a person’s thoughts, emotions, desires and behaviors, the EMTS™ simultaneously provides the ability for new and improved strategies for solving problems, making decisions and accomplishing goals.

In addition to working directly with youth, OIT supports the schools and facilities that serve these youth, offering personal and professional development training to parents, staff and teachers.  All trainings offer opportunities to acquire and strengthen 5 essential skills:

  1. Self-understanding
  2. Understanding of others
  3. Self-management
  4. Relational skills
  5. Goal accomplishment

This organization-wide training approach offers the youth the greatest opportunity to learn by receiving more consistent messages from all they come in contact with. We welcome the opportunity to work with your school or organization to build towards greater independence, productivity, and progress.