We have developed a team of well trained, educated and experienced mentors and coaches with the goal of becoming the "best" that we can be as individuals and also as team members. We spend a lot of time with one another to practice and learn the skills necessary to function as optimally as possible. We want to not only teach others how to be calm-assertive; we want to consistently live with that same intention.

Ultimately, we aim to lead others to learn to experience more peace, joy, freedom, purpose and significance. Since, we can only "lead someone as far as we are"; to be effective we need to do the same "work" ourselves.

We do not believe anyone is superior or inferior to anyone else, and all people require empathy, understanding, and a chance to learn the skills that are so rarely role modeled or taught.

We strive to balance the seriousness of our work with fun and playfulness. We know firsthand how difficult life can be at times. As much as possible, the more you can enjoy the process of our life's training the easier the challenges will be.


We want to help. We know how to help. We intend to help.

Board of Directors

James Giantis - Founder

President - Families In Training, San Diego Mentors

Shane Walton - Chairman

Assistant Athletic Director - Bishops School

Alexis Archambault

Head of School - Fusion Academy

Brian Archambault

Senior Investment Professional - Southwest Value Partners

James Hammermeister

President - JP Hammer and Assoc.

Brad Owen

Senior Wealth Advisor - EP Wealth

Sarah Raskin - Secretary

Founding Charter School Principal and Educational Consultant

Jeff Thomas - Treasurer

Attorney Mediator - Private Practice