Message from the President

  Shane Walton

Shane Walton

The process of making OIT a reality began in 1998 when James Giantis started Families In Training, a program providing mentoring and coaching for children and families struggling with extreme psychological and behavioral problems within the home, school and community.  The success of this program and observed improvements in the lives of families led James to develop an innovative and comprehensive system of mentoring, teaching and training for youth and adults called the Effective Mindset Training System.

The EMTS guides recipients to analyze the various factors influencing thought, emotion, desire and action. The system provides the opportunity to learn, practice, refine and master the skills necessary to activate a calm-assertive mindset and critically think through effective and enduring solutions to problems.  Thousands of individuals have already benefitted through OIT services by having greater confidence in their ability and willingness to effectively manage life’s challenges. 

I believe in our philosophy, system and team.  Having been raised with limited resources and without the involvement of my father, I had a similar upbringing to many of these children.  Gratefully, I received mentoring and guidance through sports from older players and coaches who helped teach me to become an effective leader.  I worked diligently and received a scholarship to attend The Bishop’s School, a prestigious private school, and went on to earn a soccer scholarship to Notre Dame.  During my sophomore year I walked on the football team, earned a scholarship to play, became team captain and eventually was recognized as a consensus All-American.  After college I was drafted to the National Football League and though my career was shortened by injuries I gained valuable experience about the concept of leadership.  

Throughout my life experiences I always knew I wanted to give back and lead youth out of similar circumstances. I was fortunate to meet James and the team of mentors and quickly became invested in learning as much as I could about patterns of human behavior and relational dynamics.  I have learned a great deal and want to influence as many people as possible to learn more about themselves and others in order to become more effective leaders of themselves and others…