Jeff Thomas

My experience with Organizations in Training began as much of a personal story as a professional one. Like every member of our team, I needed to complete all the steps of our process for myself before I could expect to help guide anyone else through them. But before I had even begun training with OIT, I knew firsthand the efficacy of the OIT system, having witnessed a profound turnaround in my younger sister after working with James. 

I feel very fortunate to have met James Giantis and the rest of the OIT team, and the skills I've learned have helped me uncover the core beliefs that were underlying all the problems I faced personally and professionally. Once I learned and started to understand the system, and began to make progress in activating the necessary skills more and more, I knew the only next step was to do whatever I could to help others also acquire the knowledge and skills of the OIT system. My hope is that everyone who is motivated can have the same opportunity I was afforded.