Youth, Parent & Family Challenges

The following are some of the common challenges plaguing the youth, parents and families faced with severe adversity.

Inadequate & inconsistent residenceLack of resourcesChaos, confusion, crisis
Poor role modeling Disorganization “Survival mentality”
Aggressive mindset Apathy Excessive fear
Excessive stressResentment Contempt
Hopelessness Excessive Guilt Low Esteem
Incapability … Lack of Skills Low Perceived Self-Efficacy Unwillingness
Excessive grief Entitlement Health issues
Violence & danger Lack of opportunity Excessive dependency


Organizational Challenges

All organizations create and encounter "barriers" to their productivity. It is a natural and normal part of the process of developing and maintaining an organization. We have identified many of the most common organizational "challenges" to effective and efficient productivity. Are any of these "negative" results a part of your daily, weekly or yearly experience?

Confusion about roles and responsibilities Managing manipulation and deception Overly stressed due to excessive demands
Unmotivated or apathetic team members Laziness Feel unsupported by team members
Frustration, anger, and resentment Working too hard with less than desired results Lacking organizational stability and structure
Unnecessary and unproductive conflict General "sense of failure" Team members "feel devalued"
Avoidance of responsibilities Hopelessness, doubt, fear, worry Ineffective planning and strategizing
Procrastination Ineffective boundaries between staff and client Feeling "trapped or stagnant"
Poor follow through on tasks Displacing one's problems onto another Feelings of inadequacy, lacking confidence
Complaining, blaming and excuse making Difficulty identifying solutions Distrust between team members