5 Skills


1. Self-Understanding

A thorough knowledge of the various aspects of one's identity including natural temperament, talents, skills, fears, beliefs, personality types, influential experiences, values, desired, and preferred mode of learning and processing information.

2. Understanding of Others

A thorough knowledge of the underlying factors of the behaviors of others including beliefs, fears, values and desires. This also includes the ability to recognize and understand natural temperaments, as well as identify, understand and respond to others according to their motives, preferred learning and processing methods, fears, beliefs, strengths, skills, limitations and resources.


An understanding of the various factors influencing productive and unproductive self-care including the effective and ineffective management of thought, emotion, behavior and the resulting consequences; the focus on the responsible ownership of all that is involved within the boundary of ones identity.


4. Relational Skills 

Proficiency in the healthy and productive concepts of relationship stages, interpersonal boundaries, patterns of connection, expressive and receptive communication, disowning messages, aggressive behaviors, productive conflict resolution, relational loops, and how to fulfill need.

5. Goal accomplishment

An understanding of how to analyze situations and improve problem-solving skills necessary to fulfill need. Also included are the identification of the common internal and external barriers to goal accomplishment, understanding motivation, conducting cost-benefit analysis, developing a vision, planning, organizing, activation, and identifying internal and external resources.